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To place your order:

  • Print your order form, read over the price list, and print instructions for the audiologist.
  • Go to a hearing care professional and get your impressions taken.
  • Send InEarz your impressions, order form and iems if you are remolding.
  • You can pay by paypal or credit card.
  • Contact by phone at 800-514-5020 or e-mail at Kaysen@fisherhearing.com if you have any other questions
  • **Please send impressions back with every repair**

Inearz Audio

3940 St Johns Parkway

Sanford, FL 32771

844-855-EARZ (3279)



Professional Series- Detachable Cable

IE-100                                                        $149.00

IE-P150                                                     $195.00

IE-P250                                                     $295.00

IE-P350                                                     $350.00

IE-P450                                                     $475.00 

IE-P650                                                     $675.00

*IE-P850                                               $875.00

*NEW PRICE* Remold (up to 8 drivers)                        $125.00          
*NEW PRICE* Remold (over 8 drivers) $225.00

Ear Plugs

Silicone Ear plugs                                    $70.00 per set

Acrylic Ear Plugs                                      $70.00 per set

Additional Options

Twisted Cable 2 pin connector

Graphite, Black, Beige, Clear, White                              $35.00

Pearl powder(add to any color to add pearlescent sheen) $40.00

Colored Tips                                                     $20.00

Custom artwork(single color artwork)                                $50.00

InEarz artwork $FREE

Wood Plate(Walnut, Mahogany, Light bamboo)  $50.00

Carbon Fiber faceplate                                                $50.00

Multicolor swirl faceplate(up to 3 colors) $30.00

Blue Paua, Mother of pearl, Green abalone $50.00

Rhinestones(Swarovski Cyrstals) $40.00

*Recessed Sockets                                            $20.00

*Ambient Vents                                                 $30.00

*Soft Canals $40.00

*Subject to ear size and driver configurations


Repairs out of warranty                       $50.00**

**prices subject to change based on damage, or if driver replacement is necessary


Black Waterproof Case $20.00

Small Zipper Case $5.00

Cleaning tool $1.00

InEarz Sticker $1.00

Rush service (7 days)                   $150.00

Average is 4 to 5 weeks

(Production times will vary based on demand)



FedEx Ground (US only)                         $10.50

FedEx 2nd Day (US only)                        $17.50

FedEx Overnight (US only)                  call for price

FedEx International                                   $37.00


After receiving your order, if you wish to change anything such as color, or artwork you can be subject to a $10.00 fee.

Cables and sockets are not covered under any warranty.

All InEarz monitor prices include a 1 year warranty, cable, cleaning tool and case.

(1 year InEarz warranty does not include physical damage. Cables are not covered)

All remolds come with a 90 day fit warranty only.

By sending in your stock IEMs you agree not to hold Fisher Hearing liable for replacing them.

All stock IEMs will be destroyed in the process and we cannot reverse this service once the product is shipped.
InEarz Color Chart