Andrew Morris (The Change)
Anthony Rodriguez
Antonio Wimberly (Tallahassee Nights Live)

Barney Alexander (The Pylons)
Barton Hill (Maybe If You Hit It)
Benjamin Melsenti (Leaving Haven)
Billy Varnes (Rodeo Drive)
Bobby Keller (MekaNism)
Bobby Macuen (Palo)
Brad Foutch (Brady)
Brent Vignery (Rythm Collective)
Breyson”Boogie”Robinson (New Earth Army)

Brian King (The Lacs)
Brian Porter (Queens Blvd,Bulding Rome)
Brian Price (The Way Out)
Brittany Star James (Flavor Band)
Bruno Ufret (Jonnie Morgan Band)

Caiti Patton
Carol Hensal (Vioelectric)
Chadet Ferrer
Chris Bonafe
Chuck Imo (Rodeo Drive)
Clay Sharpe (The Lacs)
Clint Chambers (Anyones Guess)
Cody Thornton (Who We Are Not)
Curtis Seligson

Dane Myers
Daniel Dennis (A Mediocre Time With Tom And Dan, T&D Media)
Daniel McPherson
Dany Raymond (Vioelectric)
David Chiverton
David Dove
David Hofstedler (Who We Are Not)
David Medairos (Traverser)
David Shaw (Traverser)

Derrick Guinjard
Donald Watts (Snoopy Watts)

Eduardo Fernandez
Edwin Araya (Nova)
Elisa Seda
Elizabeth Chaconas (Vioelectric)
Emily Bridgwood (The Pylons)
Emmanuel Adamah
Erhan Karaca
Eric Perez (Sonnie Badu)

Gerald Law

Ingrid Rosario
Isaac Garcia

Jace Magee (Lovestruck Robot)
Jake Leistra (Nature State)
Jamie Baker (Rodeo Drive)
Jannik Strobel
Jasmyne Hinson (Musiq Soulchild)
Jason Herold (Disney Performer)
Jason Scott (The Dulcets)
Jeff Parkinson
Jeremy George (Tallahassee Nights Live)
Jermaine Tate
JF Noiseux

Jim Van Fleet
Jimmy Wooten (Gears)
Joe Davies (The Pylons)
Joey Walker (The Pylons)
Jon Shaffer (Traverser)
Jonathan Alvarez (Nova)
Jonnie Morgan (Jonnie Morgan Band)
Jorge Mata (Delaflote)
Joseph Talley (Who We Are Not)
Josh Bailey (Sleep Juliet)
Josh Singer (Blessing A Curse)

Kelly Morris (The Mobros)
Kendall Kinchen (Sleep Juliet)
Kirk Hooper (Sleep Juliet)

Lawrence Flowers
Leslie Cartaya (Palo)
Lexy Parsons (Vioelectric)
Lonnie Baldwin
Lucas Cassimiro
Luciana Di Rocco
Lucy Iris
Luis Lopez (Ronnie Y Amy)
Luke Melsenti (Leaving Haven)

Madison Macko (Leaving Haven)
Margo Rochelle (Rodeo Drive)
Maria Arroyo (Delaflote)
Matt Perry (Sleep Juliet)
Meka Kyoto (MekaNism)
Micah Jones (Tallahassee Nights Live)
Michael Cantu
Michael Davis
Michael Flatau (New Earth Army)
Michael Stripolli (Leaving Haven)

Michael Dale Scates (Sleep Juliet)
Michelle Jones (Vioelectric)
Mike Cantu (Rodeo Drive)
The Mob Band
The Mobros

Nate West (Love Like Violence)
Nathalia Esquivel
Nino Lenora (Life Of The Party OKC)

Omar Tavarez (Heymous Molly)

Pamela Jo Sward (Who We Are Not)
Paul Campbell
Paul Cuevas (Vioelectric)
Paul Iankov (Universal Performer)
Paul Vesco
Phil Gale (The Pylons)
Pili Munoz (Delaflote)

Raymer Olalde (Palo)
Rich Confer (Rich Confer Music)
Robert Moore
Ronnie Mitchell (Blessing A Curse)
Ronnie Padilla (Ronnie Y Amy)
Ryan Robinette

Sanja Jovanovic (Anyones Guess)
Semih Yanyali
Shane Maloy (Nature State)
Stephanie Spencer (Love Like Violence)
Stephen Spencer (Love Like Violence)
Stephen Walden (Supreme 7)
Steve Roitstein (Palo)
Steve Stancliff (Who We Are Not)

Tanner Boyle
TJ Norris (Tallahassee Nights Live)
Tom Vann (A Mediocre Time With Tom And Dan, T&D Media)
Tony Lopez
Tony Saffell (Love Like Violence)
Trevor Hastings
Trevor Dreher (Disney Hoop Dee)
Trip 6 (Gears)

Victor Linares
Vincent James (Who We Are Not)

Wormwood Prophecy

Yamilet Trujillo (Vioelectric)

Zach Herrbach (Nature State)

3 Peace Band

Action Church
Bethleham Church
Iglesia JWC
Lakewood Church