myMix – Personal Monitor Mixer


The myMix personal monitor mixer is the main building block for any myMix system. It can be used stand alone, or connected to an Ethernet switch as a system with up to 250 devices. The user can select from all available audio channels in the network and create an individual stereo mix for headphones, in-ear monitors and (powered) speakers.

    • Impeccable audio quality with 24-bit, 48 kHz throughout the system
    • Create a stereo mix using up to 16 from 500* audio channels
    • Intuitive User Interface with meaningful channel names
    • Volume, Tone Control, Effect Send, Pan, solo and Mute per channel
    • 7 integrated stereo effects to create a 3-D sound image
    • Autosave of all chages applied to the mix, with 20 profiles available.
    • 2 local network inputs (mic/line level) with phantom power
    • Multi-track recording (16 +2) on SD cards (24-bit wav-files)
    • Auto saving in up to 20 profiles
    • 4-band fully parametric master EQ
    • Send Mix to Network to listen to other devices or create submixes
    • Outputs for balanced line levels and headphones
    • Ships with microphone stand adapter and power-supply
    • For use in recording studios the myMix Studio-Mod with a modified silent cooling system is available.


*A myMix system can feature up to 500 audio channels (250 pairs) maximum.