We try our best to reproduce the image quality/placement of the customer supplied artwork. Please be sure to follow our guidelines about image quality and file type to reproduce the best quality image. Please send all artwork and graphics related questions to graphics@inearz.com. In the off chance we cannot place your artwork you will be contacted via email or phone number provided by the customer.


The build time given to the customer can change at anytime due to incoming rush orders, repairs and refits entering the queue, it is only a rough estimate. We try our best to get orders out in a timely manner, but we HIGHLY suggest using the rush order option if you need your order faster than the build time quoted.


Although we strive to make the highest quality product for our customers, we cannot guarantee the absence of micro bubbles in the shells or faceplates.


Clear cords will visibly oxidize over time and turn greenish, this is also sped up by sweat/moisture. All cords will oxidize as well, but the transparency of the clear sheathing makes the oxidation visible.


Please make sure your contact information(email/phone number) is correct, so that we may contact you regarding your order.


Due to these being natural materials used in the craftsmanship of the faceplate, we cannot guarantee an exact match/pattern for a customer.


Cables have a 30 day limited warranty from the date they were shipped from our office. Warranty does not cover physical abuse, misuse, negligence or service performed by anyone else besides InEarz Audio. Product will be replaced at InEarz Audios discretion.


Custom & Universal Products: We offer an industry first “No Risk, All Reward”™ 30-day money back guarantee from the invoice/ship date., must provide proof of receipt and return all products in new condition including all accessories.  Shipping costs not included in the money back guarantee.


Rush orders placed will be completed within 5-7 business days of receiving acceptable impressions, order details, and payment.  Any changes made after your order has been placed may delay the build time.


Recessed sockets may or may not be able to be placed due to the size and/or shape of the customers ears, in the event we cannot place them you will be contacted by InEarz via email or phone provided.


Soft canals are limited up to our three driver model due to the nature of the material, in the event we cannot allow the soft canal option due to shape and/or size of the canal you will be contacted via email or phone provided. Also extra care(storage, usage, cleanliness) should be taken when owning customs with soft canals, this will help prolong the life of the material.


By placing an order with us, you agree to not hold InEarz Audio liable for any hearing damage or hearing loss from using our products.


In the event the customer needs a refit and/or adjustment, the customer must send back the product within 30 days of receiving the product(for US customers) or 45 days of receiving the product(international customers), must have proof of date received.  In the event more than one refit is needed you must notify customer service within 30 days of receiving the refitted product.  InEarz will not be responsible for shipping costs from the customer to the office, but InEarz will pay shipping back to the customer.


You as the customer agree to pay all charges and fees in connection with your purchase of any of our products(including applicable taxes). If a payment is not received or payment method is declined, the buyer forfeits the ownership of any items purchased. if no payment is received, no items will be shipped. If there is a discrepancy on your credit card statement you MUST notify InEarz Audio within 30 days of receipt, if not you accept the charges in all respects.


We try our best to match the colors from the chart to the real thing, but due to screen inconsistencies or individual perception, we cannot guarantee an exact matched shell color.


We have worked very hard to achieve the sound signatures of each of our models, we will not tweak or modify them based on preference. We also do not offer refunds based on sound signature preference, we suggest doing a lot of research before choosing any particular model.


If our product breaks or does not work correctly you can print out our REPAIR FORM and send it in with your in-ear monitors, will be repaired at InEarz Audios discretion. Please refer to warranty information on what coverage you have with each product. **Please send impressions back with every refit and repair**


-All InEarz custom models hold a 1 year warranty from the date your product was shipped and are guaranteed to be free of defects or workmanship issues on the physical shell and electronics.

Warranty does not cover damages caused by the following:
+ Physical or hardware damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, water, excessive volume, shock, negligence, acts of God, misapplication or by a third party product
+ Damage caused by service and/or modification performed by any unauthorized 3rd party company or person
+ Any defect that is attributable to any failure or damage, which is beyond the reasonable control of the company
+ Cables have a 30 day limited warranty from the date they were shipped from our office. Warranty does not cover physical abuse, misuse, negligence or service performed by anyone else besides InEarz Audio. Product will be replaced at InEarz Audios discretion.


Payments made through our website are authorized and typically captured between 1-3 business days after order is placed.

**Orders that are not paid for within 24 hours after proceeding to checkout will be cancelled and the order will need to be placed again.


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